Mistress Jenny
Team Ruin Advent Calendar - Door No. 18
Team Ruin Advent Calendar - Door No. 18

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Today you are allowed to open my personal door. I warn you, it will be hot, very hot and I will only say it once: Advent, Advent - your paypig tail is on fire * laughs * The Ruin team consists of many adorable ladies: Palina Addicted, Your Goddess, Lady Stefanie, Lady Jana Logan, Mistress Jenny, Cruel Reell, Money Princess Isabella, Goddess Yasemin, Gabriela Syren, Mistress Sunny, Madame Svea, Toxicsugga, Lady Skyla Million and me. We have created an individual Christmas calendar and you will find the respective Advent calendar door in the stores of the honorable ladies. Did you miss door number 17? Take a look at Goddess Yasemin! https://www.goddessyasemin.com/de/ Door number 19 can be found at Lady Stefanie, Miss CatDeluxe, Reell and me! https://www.ladystefanie.com/de/shop/videos/neu/p/1/ https://www.yoochat.net/profile/miss-catdeluxe/ iWantReell.com