Mistress Jenny


Your search has an end slave, now your dreams, desires and longings become reality! My name is Mistress Jenny and I am your real dream which come true! I will manipulate your senses, make your pulse racing and transfer all your money to my account!

For some years now I already live my dominance and my passion for money fetish in reality, since I always enjoyed to dominate men and let them live to my tune only. I will use your weaknesses and preferences and debrief you in no time.

How far are you ready to go for me? Do you want to finally experience how liberating it feels to give in to your desires? I will expand you to your very limits and wake you deeper and deeper into my spiral! Be aware that I am entitled to being courted and revered to as the dominant Mistress. In this regard, you can inhale directly the following into the deepest parts of your brain:

You will only address me with Mistress Jenny!

I'm neither the welfare nor your wish fairy, so you cannot impress me with  your bourgeois greed. The more you will feel the pain by trying to please me, the more I appreciate your devotion and I may reward it with my  attention!

Slaves, fetishists and subs are allowed to apply to worship me, provided that devotion, obedience, manners and respect are familiar. I'm a top-class lady, demanding that you bow to my rules and that your behavior towards me is always appropriate.